Winners from the Air Liquide Scientific Challenge Edition 3

NineSigma is very proud to have partnered with Air Liquide for our third Scientific  Challenge together. It has been an amazing experience to have developed three innovative topics on the decarbonization of industrial ecosystems for Air Liquide and we are ready to share the winners with you.   

The Air Liquide Scientific Challenge Edition 3 aimed at decarbonizing the industrial ecosystems by addressing 3 Topics: 

  • Topic 1: Data sharing for decarbonization: How to leverage confidential data from different stakeholders to meet shared sustainability targets? 
  • Topic 2: Energy storage using Essential Small Molecules: How to store and reuse energy using our small molecules or processes to achieve net-zero? 
  • Topic 3: Electric Heating for H2 production: How to decarbonize the catalytic Steam Methane Reforming reaction by electric-based heating?